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Sex for the first time – Belinda

Having sex for the first time is something people never forget. Listen to honest accounts of what it was it like the first time? What happened? And how did they feel during and afterwards?



When they don’t want to use a condom – Michelle

Listen to a personal experience of being asked to have sex without a condom. What reasons did they give? Was there pressure? What did they do? Also what practical advice would they give to someone in this situation?



Sex for the first time – Michelle

We interview people in the street to hear their personal experiences about having sex for the first time. HOw did it happen? How did they feel when it happened? How do they feel about it now?



“Am I expected to pay for that?” (and other dating etiquette insights)

How soon should you call after a date? Who’s supposed to provide the contraception? What should you do if you’re being ghosted (when someone you are interested in suddenly stops communicating with you)? The dating game is a battlefield alright, but overall, dating and sex should be exciting, confidence-boosting and safe. We’re here to answer a few frequently asked questions to help you on your way.

“Is it a bad idea to date a long-time friend?” – Sam, 18

Your friends are the people who know you best, so friendship can be a great way to start a relationship. You already know a lot about each other. Keep an open line of communication and only proceed if you both feel the same way. You wouldn’t want to ruin a good thing! Continue Reading


First time break-up – Hone

Young people tell their personal experiences of breaking up with someone for the first time. What was it like being dumped? How did they feel when it happened? How do they feel about it now?


The dos and don’ts of dating

Dating, it’s one of the most interesting things to do, watch and hear about. Think about it, whenever a friend has a new love interest you are dying to hear about them and what happened on their date. However, watching is very different to doing, and asking someone out and going on a date can be quite intimidating, so here are some dating dos and don’ts to help you along the way. Continue Reading