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You, your partner and STIs. Now that’s something to talk about.

We all know that talking to your partner about STIs doesn’t make for the perfect date night, but it’s a super important discussion to have before things get hot and steamy.

A lot of young people don’t realise that STIs can happen to anyone and are pretty common in under 30s. Some STIs also don’t show any symptoms and people with an STI might not even realise that they have one. This is why it’s important to talk to your sexual partner about STIs before jumping into bed with them. After all, a healthy relationship is about respect, trust, and communicating about your own and your partners’ sexual health. Continue Reading

Relationships, Sex

“I wanna know”…IRL tips for talking to your parents about S.E.X

Our parents are often the natural choice to turn to when we have big life questions. As we get older, these questions may become a tad more intimate, but knowing our parents have our backs on the difficult stuff can help us navigate the crazy complexities of human intimacies.

Sex is a perfectly normal and natural part of life. Chances are your parents have already been through most of what you’re experiencing. They can be priceless sources of information and, more importantly, support. That said, broaching the subject can be kind of awkward. Continue Reading


My first kiss… here’s how it went down.

Whether it’s sloppy, sweet, romantic or awkward, there’s something about your first kiss that you’ll never forget. Lindy*, a 28-year-old from Perth spoke to us about the first time she locked lips with someone. Here, she shares what she remembers and what she learnt about kissing that first-time round. Continue Reading

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Sex-slang de-coded: what it all means from “bang” to “bae”

Do you make love, do the horizontal dance, copulate or mate? There are a thousand ways to talk about sex without literally using the word ‘sex’, but they all mean slightly different things. In fact, there’s a whole vocabulary around the world of relationships in general. In order to navigate these tricky waters, here’s a bit of sex-slang, de-coded.

All the way – To have sex with someone.

Bae – means ‘before anyone else’ and is usually used in reference to your partner, lover or crush. i.e. ‘I can’t wait to catch a movie with my bae tonight.’ Continue Reading